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[17Jul2005 - 9:03pm]

location:repping Juneau Alaska 907
favorite emcee:Dont have a favorite, ive been listing to alot of Common as of late.
favorite song:The Corner-Common and the Last Poets
other interests:Skating,Art,Graf,Girls,Boxing, SLEEP
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Signatures Needed [3Feb2005 - 9:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Good Evening Hip Hop Fans

As a fellow fan I ask that you could all take a moment and sign my petition to get my local urban station to start streaming over the internet. The company who owns them (Clear Channel) has that ability turned on already for a more mainstream station in the listening area which in my eyes is a small form of discrimination against all of us who enjoy and support the hip-hop & RB scene.

Sign Here

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Seems cool.. [12Dec2004 - 10:13pm]
name: Lizzy
age: 15
location: Holland
favorite emcee: Mos Def
favorite song: at the moment, "Get By" -- Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Busta, K. West, Jay-Z
other interests: I like lotsa different things..
other communities you're in: some journaling thing

Well, I really started to listen to underground hiphop a while ago, so many things are new for me, and I don't really know many [good] artists, mainly because hiphop isn't a major thing over here. From the artists I've heard, Mos Def is definitely my favorite.. so yeah, seemed nice to get to know other fans, so I joined this =]
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First Post! [12Dec2004 - 12:11am]


What's The Deal
Welcome to

This is an adding community for

So Join Now! ha.
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